A New Year’s Flashback

2013 was a year full of firsts and lasts: I graduated from college, got my first post-grad job (an internship, but who’s keeping track?), and sent in my first graduate school application.

I have thought of countless things to say about the New Year, but instead of just commenting on the things I hope for this year – and there are many – I want to share with you something I prayed on this day one year ago.

Father, I am a fool for letting Your name go to waste in my heart. I’ve been letting my fear of failure hinder my life to the point where I can’t tell when I’m being wise and when I’m just making up excuses. I pray that Your Spirit would cut through the darkness and the doubt so that I wouldn’t fear the world for its effect on me and that I wouldn’t fear my own decisions. May I find strength in You alone, in Your Word, and in Your witness within my heart. I go nowhere alone because You are in my heart. Be with my family, as we’re constantly on the edge of a new transition. I praise Your holy name above all others. I’ve seen You at work in the lives of Your people, and more than all else, You alone have the authority to give and to take away. May I not shy from that reality, Lord, or from Your ultimate power. If I believe in Your name, then I believe You will do as You’ve promised. May I no longer be in bondage to my flesh, since Jesus has defeated death! In His holy name I ask these things. Amen.

This prayer still feels as fresh as if I had written it today, and with all of my heart, I want for you readers to embrace the future without fear. The only things we carry from our past are the lessons we’ve learned; we don’t need to carry the baggage, too.

I don’t know where you all are in your lives, but I know that we’re all looking down the barrel of a new year. Some people are excited by the prospect of the new beginning, while others are having trouble leaving last year in the past. But I hope that this prayer can be yours, as well as mine.

I want to leave you with this song, which has meant a lot to me in the past year of my life.


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